Model: MT1101
Shipping cost: no. PLN

Product description

Gaming Mouse should be distinguished, especially visually. Aggressive design, highlighting the expansive nature of the new VIPER MT1101 mouse is the result of the new Media-Tech look at this category of products.

VIPER MT1101 definitely differs from most commercially available mice. Interesting, "split" design with a large mark on the left button, very large, back-lighted scroll, aggressive color - all this makes the Viper MT1101 cannot remain unnoticed.

However, the mouse cannot be judged solely by its appearance. VIPER MT1101 is ideal to use. It is compatible with most popular Windows XP / VISTA / WIN 7 32/64 bit. It have been equipped with optical sensor firmly working with a changeable resolution 800/1200/1600cpi.

Technical specification

  • Wired optical mouse
  • Cyborgized design
  • Backlighted scrolling wheel
  • Changeable resolution 800/1200/1600cpi
  • Precision tracking
  • 3 basic buttons and scrolling wheel
  • Windows XP/VISTA/WIN 7 32/64 bit compatible
  • USB interface
  • Weight: 99g
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