Model: MT5043
Shipping cost: no. PLN

USB3.0 CARD READER MT5043 is next  memory card reader in Media-Tech offer, compatible with the latest USB 3.0, ensures ultra fast data transfer, which depending of the standard of memory card, capable to achieve a speed of 1 GB/s.

USB3.0 CARD READER MT5043 supports the latest standards SDXC and MSXC and CompactFlash UDMA7. It is compatible with Mac OS 10.x, Windows XP/Vista 32-bit/Win7 32-bit.

The card reader is recommended for all the users for which time, comfort and precision have matter: photographers, graphic designers, and others gathering  a lot of big files of data on memory cards. Compact size allows easy transport of the card reader.


·         Quick memory card multireader Supports up to 50 types of memory cards
·         2 slots
·         Pendrive style – direct connection to computer
·         T-flash supported with adapter
·         Mac OS 10.x; Windows Vista 32-bit/Win7/Win8 compatible
·         Ultra high speed transfer up to 5Gbps
·         Plug&play
·         USB3.0 interface backward compatible (USB 1.1, USB 2.0)
·         Size: 85x40x10

Warranty: 2 years

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