Model: MT4168
Shipping cost: no. PLN

Product description

The dynamic growth of the number of programs, quality and scope of broadcasting makes able now to receive a growing number of free programs in digital quality. Gradually launched new Multiplexes become available for a significant number of people, which can watch TV in digital quality.

DVB-T NAVIGATOR DUO MT4168 is a unique dual USB tuner for receiving digital terrestrial DVB-T on your computer, allowing to record one channel while watching another, which is an absolute hit in such solutions.

Most available on the market tuners allows for simultaneous recording and watching different programs within the same multiplex, while with  DVB-T NAVIGATOR DUO MT4168 such condition does not exist. Normally during the recording process, you can play another previously recorded program.

The extra advantage of  DVB-T NAVIGATOR DUO MT4168 is USB interface compliant with specification 2.0 and intuitive user interface that significantly simplifies and facilitates installation and provides comfortable connection.

Technical specification

  • DVB-T TV USB stick
  • High picture resolution
  • Personal video recorder
  • Scheduled recording and time shift function
  • Display EPG, teletext and close captions (if broadcasted)
  • Magnetic antenna
  • Normal coaxial antenna socket
  • Full TV control and settings by intuitive user interface
  • Automatic channel scan
  • High quality compression MPEG-4/h.264
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Windows Vista/Win 7 32-64 bit compatible (*
  • Size: 52x20x14mm
  • Weight: 11g
  • (* In Windows 7 device can be used with internal built-in viewer and drivers

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