• Office Accessories

What are the most popular home-office accessories?

Due to the fact that working in a home office is becoming more and more common, it is worth paying attention to accessories so far reserved only for offices. These are not limited to pens and notepads. Here are some popular office accessories worth investing in:

  • Shredder for documents, credit cards and optical media including discs, CDs, DVDs, Blue-ray
  • Document laminator
  • Portable document scanner
  • WIFI wireless microscope (digital magnifier)

What is a document and optical media shredder?

A document shredder, in short, is a machine used to cut paper into small pieces. It can also be used to shred other materials such as CDs, DVDs, Blue ray discs, credit cards and more.

Shredding confidential documents helps protect the owner's identity and also prevents information theft. Simply tearing up documents, is labor and time consuming, and throwing them in the trash allows for easy retrieval. Burning them, on the other hand, is harmful to the environment.

The same goes for optical media used to store data and documents. If they are already redundant, it is better to safely destroy them in a shredder. The situation is no different with expired payment cards.

What is the document laminator used for?

A document laminator is a machine that applies heat and pressure to a thin sheet of plastic with one or more layers of paper. It is used to seal the document and make it more durable. This will make documents, photos, diplomas more durable by several hundred percent and on top of that, waterproof.

What is a portable document scanner used for?

Portable document scanners are designed to scan and transfer paper documents as digital files.

A portable document scanner is a great tool if you are constantly on the move. You can take it with you whenever you need to scan documents. The best thing about it is that it is lightweight and compact, so it will fit in your bag or even your pocket. It saves scanned images to a micro SD memory card, can scan documents as A4 sheets, and because of its mobility, you can use it to scan pages from a book without destroying it. A perfect example would be scanning documents in land and accounting courts.

What is a WIFI wireless microscope and what is it used for?

A digital magnifier is a type of microscope that can be used to magnify an object and produce a high-resolution image. The device connects to your computer through a WIFI network. This allows you to view microscopic details such as on integrated circuits, on documents, etc.