• Bicycle accessories

Bike accessories

Usually when we talk about bicycle accessories, we think of those which will enrich the look of our bike, like colorful stickers, reflectors and other trinkets. But there are also those, which increase safety and comfort of riding and add new features and possibilities to our vehicle.

Accessories offered by Media-tech are in the second group. Among them there is a bicycle computer (also called a counter), an excellent quality front light, an intelligent tail light or a 4in1 bicycle speaker with "handsfree" function and a built-in LED flashlight.

What is a bike computer?

A bike computer also known as a bike counter is a device that measures and displays various parameters while cycling such as speed, distance traveled, time, calories burned, ambient temperature, etc.

A typical bicycle computer consists of a digital display with buttons to set the desired values and may also include an odometer, metrometer and clock. The display typically shows the current speed in units per hour (e.g., "10 km/h"), the distance traveled in kilometers or miles, the elapsed time in hours:minutes:seconds (e.g., "1:00:00"), and the total distance traveled in kilometers or miles (e.g., "25 km"). Riding performance information is taken from a sensor mounted on the fork and a sprite-mounted component that rotates with the wheel.

Some people find it useful to first consider what the main purpose of the bike computer will be. For example, if someone intends to use a bike computer for training, they would want something that tracks their heart rate, speed, and distance traveled. However, the prevailing opinion is that the device should have the maximum number of features and options for a low price of course.

What are the advantages of a front bike light?

A front bike light is a type of light that is mounted on the front of the bike. It is used to make the cyclist more visible to other road users, especially in low light conditions.

The advantages of a bicycle front light are:

·         Makes bicyclists more visible to other vehicles in low-light conditions.

·         Helps drivers see bicyclists from a greater distance.

·         Keeps cyclists safe by making them more visible to drivers.

Modern lights are equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery and "highpower" LEDs that work perfectly not only as an efficient source of road lighting while riding but also as a great flashlight when stationary.

What are the advantages of a bicycle rear light?

A bicycle rear light is a safety device that uses light to make the cyclist visible from behind.

Rear lights are required by law in many countries, and in Poland they are necessary when riding on public roads.

Some of the advantages of using a rear light are:

·         Makes the cyclist visible from behind

·         Helps to avoid collision with other road users

·         It is inexpensive and easy to install and use.

Modern rear lights are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. They also have gyroscopic sensors to let vehicles behind you know when you are braking (by changing the intensity of the light